Candidates for Statewide Office in 2018

In the 2018, we will elect candidates to office on multiple levels: county, state, and federal. To help you learn more about who we elect as a people and about the Democrats who want to serve you in office, we have created this guide about the 2018 elections.

Below is a list of the various statewide offices where we will elect people in 2018. You can click through to find out more about the Democratic candidates running for each office.


The Governor of Texas is the head of the Executive Branch of Texas and the commander-in-chief of the Texas State Guard. As head of the Executive Branch, the Governor makes appointments to various government offices. The Governor has the power to sign or veto legislation passed by the Texas Legislature as well as call for special sessions of the Texas Legislature. The Governor can also grant pardons to people convicted of criminal cases in the State of Texas. The Governor serves for a four-year term.

Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas acts as the President of the Texas Senate. Unlike in most states, The Texas Lieutenant Governor wields real instead of symbolic power. The Lieutenant Governor has broad practical power to establish the legislative agenda of the Senate by establishing legislative committees, appointing legislators to chair committees, and assigning proposed legislation to certain committees. The Lieutenant Governor decides on Senate procedural rules. The Lieutenant Governor also serves on many State Boards in charge of budgeting and redistricting.  The Lieutenant Governor serves for a four-year term.

Attorney General

The Texas Attorney General is the chief law enforcement and legal officer in the State of Texas. The Attorney General defends and enforces the laws and Constitution of Texas. The Attorney General does this by acting as legal counsel to the state, representing the state in litigation, and assisting state agencies and officers in enforcing the law. The Attorney General serves for a four-year term.

Comptroller of the Public Accounts

The Comptroller of the Public Accounts manages the finances of the Texas. The Comptroller collects the tax revenue owed to the State of Texas and distributes the tax revenue owed to Texas cities and counties. The Comptroller also projects the revenue that will be available when the State Legislature meets to set the budget for the next two years. This is important because the State Legislature cannot assume any more funds that what is projected by the Comptroller. The Comptroller serves for a four-year term.

Commissioner of General Land Office

The Commissioner of General Land Office leads the state agency that manages the state of Texas’s mineral and land rights. The General Land Office manages leases on public land and the selling of public land, both of which contribute money to help fund education. The General Land Office issues maps and surveys of public land as well as keeps a database of land grants and titles. Since 2011, the General Land Office has also been in charge of managing the Alamo and the Alamo’s ongoing remodeling.  The Commissioner serves a four-year term.

Commissioner of Agriculture

The Commissioner of Agriculture oversees the Texas Department of Agriculture. The Texas Department of Agriculture provides assistance to promote agricultural production and healthy living. The Department creates agricultural regulation for consumer protection. The Department of Agriculture also creates grants and services to help, economic development. The Commissioner serves a four-year term.

Commissioner, Railroad Commission of Texas

The Railroad Commission of Texas is the state regulator of the oil and gas industry. While the Railroad Commission historically regulated railroads and other forms of shipping, the Commission now regulates oil and gas, alternative fuels, gas services, pipeline safety, and mining and exploration. The Railroad Commission is made up of three elected commissioners. The three commissioners serve for staggered six-year terms so that only one commissioner is up for election every two years.

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