How to Organize

Organizing locally is essential to increasing voter engagement and to making the Fort Bend County Democratic Party a living presence in the lives of the people we represent. With that in mind, the Party offers a variety of resources and planning to help you become an effective organizer in your community or precinct. ​

Access the resources of the State Party

The State Party has generously created online courses and training modules for Grassroots Organizers and Precinct Chairs that explain how to canvass, recruit candidates, perform constituency outreach, register voters, get out the vote and more. Follow this link to find the training videos, manuals, and paperwork you need to become an effective community organizer. 

Attend VAN, MINI-VAN, and Canvassing training at the FBCDP HQ

The Fort Bend Democrats offer weekly in-person trainings on how to canvass our community, use the VAN (Voter Activation Network) and MINI-VAN (VAN on a mobile device) systems. VAN is the major tool progressive activists use for community outreach and constituent mobilization. Come to our headquarters to learn the practical skills to help turn Fort Bend County blue. Click below to see the hours for the trainings at the FBCDP HQ.

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