Become a Democratic Activist

Fort Bend Democratic Activists in Action

Interested in getting involved? There are many ways you can make a difference locally. We all have different skills and aptitudes. Look below to find the way that you can best contribute to making Fort Bend County a more progressive and free place to live.

Below, you can find a list of various ways to be a local activist with the Fort Bend Democrats. Whether it is registering others to vote, showing up for a phone bank, or signing up to be a precinct chair, there is a way for everyone to make a difference. Join us today!

Contact the County Chair

Contacting the County Chair to find a volunteer opportunity is an easy way to get involved. There's always something going on, and we can always use another pair of helping hands.

Train to be a community organizer

Interested in the knitty-gritty of canvassing neighborhoods, setting up phone banks, hosting fundraisers? Here, you can learn the skills to be not just a volunteer on a campaign but an organizer who helps make a campaign a reality.

Volunteer on a candidate's campaign

There are local elections in 2017 and state and federal elections in 2018, If you are interested in helping out Fort Bend Democrats get elected to office, click here.

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Become a Deputy Voter Registrar

Find out how to become a deputized voter registrar. Democracy works best when we show up to vote. Help others exercise their right to vote by helping them register.

Become a Precinct Chair

The Party needs more Precinct Chairs to organize and represent Democrats in their precincts. Precinct Chairs make a huge difference in our ability to be a grassroots organization that is present in the community. Please sign up as a Precinct Chair if there is no Chair already in your precinct. 

Help educate voters

Democrats win when Democrats show up to vote. Become part of the Voter Education Training (VET) committee to help strategize on how to increase Democratic turnout at the polls.

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