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Become a Sustaining Member

Please become a Sustaining Member of the Fort Bend County Democratic Party by signing up to donate at least $10 a month. In an era of big money dominating politics and under-investment in local party structures, receiving monthly dues from dedicated members of the Democratic Party offers us the best opportunity to be an active, grassroots organization year-round. With your help, we can maintain a database of activists and voters, run primary elections, communicate with the people of Fort Bend, and stay an active presence in the lives of people in this county. The real work of politics doesn't just happen once every two years at a Congressional or Presidential Election; it happens every day of every month of every year. Please sign up to become a Sustaining Member so that we can have the resources to finish turning Fort Bend County blue.


At the link below, in addition to offering a one time contribution, you can set up you ActBlue account to make monthly payments to the Fort Bend County Democratic Party. Become a Sustaining Member by donating at least $10 a month. In addition to the minimum $10 a month, we have the following levels of contribution:




​​Thank you for doing your part to make Fort Bend a freer and more progressive place. We appreciate your generosity. 

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