Become a Democratic Precinct Chair

What Is a Precinct Chair?

Follow this link to learn what is a Precinct Chair, what are the responsibilities of a Precinct Chair, and what are the requirements to be a Precinct Chair. 

Find your Precinct Chair

Follow this link to find out if there is a Precinct Chair in your precinct. If there is already a Precinct Chair, you can find their contact information. If there is not a Precinct Chair, you can contact the County Chair to apply to become the Precinct Chair in that area. 

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Tools to be an effective Precinct Chair

Follow the link to find resources, webinars, and practical tips to make you the most effective Precinct Chair you can be. 

Apply to fill a vacant Precinct Chair position

Follow the link to find the Texas Democratic Party form to apply to be a precinct chair in a currently vacant precinct.

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